The Mechanicsburg Earth Day Festival will feature a recycling event at several locations throughout the festival. We invite you to celebrate the earth with this opportunity to responsibly dispose of a host of items.

Here are the recycling opportunities available at the Mechanicsburg Earth Day Festival:

🚴‍♀️ Operation Wildcat is accepting used bicycles for repair and reuse.

🥤 The Green Team is accepting Styrofoam and aluminum cans.

👮 Mechanicsburg Police is accepting pharmaceuticals for safe disposal.

🖨 Simpson Public Library is accepting small printer ink cartridges.

🥤 Penn-Cumberland Garden Club is accepting hard plastic lids.

🖍 The Rosemary House is accepting old crayons and dried/used markers.

🤓 The Lion’s Club is accepting old eyeglasses.

Let’s take advantage of these recycling options to reduce waste and promote sustainability in our community!