Sustainability Lounge

Join Us!

Sustainability Lounge located in the back room of Capitol Joe, 36 W Main Street, Mechanicsburg.

Grab a cup of Fair Trade Coffee or Organic Tea in a reusable mug and join in the some discussions!

10:00AM talk – “Wheelie good commute: Biking in Mechanicsburg and Central PA”
Description: It is estimated that car trips under 1 mile add up to 10billion miles traveled per year. What if those trips were made by walking or biking? We’d have healthier, happier, and stronger communities. Come discuss how you choose to move through town and ways we can make Mechanicsburg an even stronger community in the future. Discussion facilitator Brandon Hoover, Mechanicsburg Resident

12:00 PM talk – “What’s up with climate change and where do we agree?”
Description: We agree about climate change a lot more than we might think. Come hear about the state of climate change research and action, ask questions, and discuss with your neighbors how you feel about our changing climate. Discussion Leader, Brandon Hoover, Director of Sustainability at Messiah College